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At Lewisham Dental Practice we like to make things as easy as possible for new patients, and that starts with our location and our hours.

Easy to find

We're easily accessible, in Lewisham Town Centre on Lee High Road, close to Blackheath, Greenwich and Crofton Park.

Opening hours for busy people

We know it can be hard to make it to a dentist in normal work hours, so we're open until 8pm two days a week and also provide a full service on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm, with dentists and hygienists on duty. You can call in to make an appointment, or do it by phone or email.

We listen

From your very first visit, we will take the time to listen to you and answer your questions. We want to know exactly why you have come to us and what you want, and it's really important that we start getting to know you and you start getting to know us.

We inform

You'll receive a warm welcome and be given an information pack all about our services, from everyday dental procedures to our wide range of cosmetic and specialist treatments, as well as helpful information on fees, payment plans and insurance.

Together, we make a plan

Your new dentist will ask about your dental history and your current needs and again, most importantly, listen. You will receive a thorough oral examination, including photography and x-rays, and we will give you the results of that assessment immediately. We will discuss your options for treatment, taking financial considerations into account, and you will receive a printed treatment plan including estimates of costs. At the end of this first visit we can arrange for a second appointment to begin the agreed treatment.

No pressure - honest

If for any reason you are not ready to proceed, we won't pressure you to make a quick decision. This might involve you discussing choices with members of your family or weighing up pros and cons of different methods and time frames. And if you are nervous about starting treatment, we are happy to work at a pace that you are comfortable with, allowing you to get to know us and feel at home in the practice. We want you to be happy and relaxed, whether you're here for a filling or a fantastic smile makeover.

Already curious?

Email us or give us a call.